Nathaniel Covington

Coaxial Shock

Artist Nathaniel Covington is constructing bold, colorfully sculpted papier-mâché monster masks and large, pop art creature paintings. His art pieces have simple lines, set against solid color backgrounds. For Nathaniel, the process starts with rough sketches on paper, wood, skateboards - just about anything he can draw on, allowing him the vision to finalize his art.

The making of masks started about 3 years ago and he fell in love with the process. It’s an opportunity to bring to life all the “Creatures” and wildly funny things living in my head. He says, "I’d like the art pieces that I make to evoke some sort of emotion when they are seen.”

He’s predominately influenced by 1969’s-1980’s “Creature Feature Films”, horror soundtracks, Sci-Fi magazines, plus a dash of Ed Roth.

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Acrylic on Canvas, 4' x 3’

Acrylic on Canvas, 6' x 4’

Paper Mache Masks and Sculptures, Acrylic Paint

“Supper Time” Complete Installation - plates w/hands, cups w/eyes, finger, table & 4 chairs

“The Den” Complete Installation - Ask for Details

Nathaniel Covington "The Beast with 9 Hands" Limited Edition (Edition of 100) Silkscreen Prints 36" x 24"

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